Claude Mulindi

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The Door

Somewhere along the Pacific coast
a jagged path of rocks protrudes far out into the ocean
as if a mountain rose from the earth
to fill the gulf between the sea that Moses parted

Midway along the path is a door
inviting the brave adventurer
discontent with the safety of the shore
to discover the universe on the other side

I started on the path
at first confident
then crawling like a child
now paralyzed by vertigo

What if I fall?
What if I drown?

The call of the door grew louder
like sirens singing their sweet song
drawing Odysseus to the depths of the sea

The sun, too late enchanted by this song
was retreating into the horizon
receeding beyond the door

Fear was soon eclipsed by a more precious realization
that a life devoid of risk carries the greatest risk of all
so I started on the path again

And what a beautiful thing to discover
That fear can be negotiated with